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What Could Have Been for the New York Jets...

Monday night's matchup between the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills was supposed to mark a new era of New York football. Jets fans around the world had so much optimism coming into this season because they could finally say the team had an elite quarterback under center to lead the way. In a night that was supposed to be the start of something great for the New York Jets and their fans, it all came to an end in just a matter of four plays.

Image provided by CNN

Even though the Jets beat the Bills Monday night in a thrilling game, Jets fans were more concerned about their new star quarterback being helped off the field after just four plays in his team debut. After the game, head coach Robert Saleh said the team was not optimistic and was fearing a torn achilles before Aaron Rodgers got his MRI the next day. Whether it is for the good or bad, things can change in an instant in sports and the Jets are unfortunately on the bad side of this. With a 1-0 record and 16 games remaining in a fresh season, New York must now figure out who will be leading the team the rest of the way.

Until another quarterback is signed, Zach Wilson looks to be the guy who will take over the reigns and try and make up for his poor play from a season ago. On Monday night against the Bills, Wilson stepped in and threw for 140 yards and one touchdown, with one interception. If Wilson is going to be the starter for the Jets the rest of the way, a silver lining for Jets fans is that there is a possibility that Aaron Rodgers was able to teach him some valuable skills in the offseason to help him improve not only physically, but mentally in terms of his confidence.

Image provided by New York Jets

The thing that makes this Rodgers injury all the more devastating for the New York Jets and their fans is that Rodgers seemed to be rejuvenated after exiting Green Bay. In his opening press conference, Rodgers expressed excitement about the possibility of bringing another Super Bowl trophy to New York. As hard as it is, the Jets now have to turn the page because there is still a lot of football left to be played.

The Jets still have Garrett Wilson, Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb at wide receiver, Breece Hall has returned from his injury and the defense is very capable of being elite. The Jets were 7-10 last year and competed in a lot of the games they played in. If they are going to take another step this year, it looks like it will be on the shoulders of Zach Wilson to lead the way.

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