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Tom Brady Un-Retired!! Shocking! (Not...)

This week was the most news filled week of NFL stories I can remember as an NFL fan. From the Russell Wilson trade, Khalil Mack trade, Amari Cooper trade, and even Aaron Rodgers committing to play in Green Bay for at least next season. Now, after announcing his retirement from the NFL a little over a month ago, Tom Brady has decided that it is not time to hang up the cleats after all as he will return to Tampa Bay for his 23rd season as a starting quarterback.

Image Provided by Boston Globe

Last season, Tom Brady had one of his best seasons as a quarterback as he threw for a career high in passing yards at 5,316 yards and added 43 touchdowns to go with that. When he initially announced his retirement, the main reason why people were shocked was because it looked like he still had plenty of good football left in him. Take Peyton Manning and Drew Brees for instance. In their finals seasons, those two looked shot in terms of arm strength and accuracy as it was clearly time for them to move on from the game.

A lot of Brady's decision to come back also has to do with his personality and who he is as a competitor. He probably knows that the majority of people view him as the greatest quarterback of all time and have tremendous respect for all of his success, but he will never limit what he can do in terms of winning and accomplishments as an athlete.

Tom Brady returning to the Buccaneers also means a lot of the free agents that were considering leaving Tampa may try and come back for another year. After the Buccaneers brought back every single starter from their 2021 championship team, the last season did not work out as they had hoped as they lost in the divisional round to Los Angeles Rams. The Bucs will now bring in some fresh faces through the draft and free agency that will be motivated to win a championship this year. As long as Brady is QB1 in Tampa, people are going to want to go there for an opportunity to win big games. Brady said he wanted to play until age 45, but if as long as he continues to light it up throwing the football, NFL fans should be prepared to see Brady play for as long as possible.

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