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How Far Can Jalen Brunson Lead the Knicks This Postseason?

The New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers played recently matched up against each other and the stars showed out. Jalen Brunson led the Knicks to a victory with a career-high 48 points as New York was able to hold off the Cavaliers despite 44-point outburst from Donovan Mitchell. Although the Knicks struck out on Mitchell in the offseason, they did land Jalen Brunson and he is arguably the key reason New York will most likely be back in the postseason this year.

Image provided by Sky Sports

Brunson ended up with the Knicks after a stellar final season with the Dallas Mavericks that saw the team reach the Western Conference Finals. Brunson put up 16.3 points per game alongside Luka Dončić and when the Mavericks decided they did not want to give him his big pay day, the Knicks did. Brunson signed a four-year, $104 million contract with the Knicks and this season, Brunson is putting up a career high 24 points per game 6.2 assists. Brunson is shooting nearly 50% from the floor and 42% from the three-point line.

Brunson and Julius Randle have formed a formidable duo on the Knicks as Randle is putting up career high numbers across the board with a career-best 25.1 points per game, 10 rebounds and 4.1 assists. Brunson's crafty scoring ability as a lefty and shot creation at all three levels of the floor has allowed the Knicks to become a team that can win close, or overpower other opponents with offense.

Image provided by Sporting News

If the postseason were to start today, the Knicks would coincidentally be playing the Cavaliers in the first round as the fifth seed in the East. Knicks fans over the Summer were clamoring for the team to pursue Donovan Mitchell after it clearly looked like his time with the Utah Jazz was coming to an end. Although Brunson is not the caliber of player Mitchell is, the Knicks look like they have the potential to make noise in the postseason and may be a stronger playoff threat than their team in 2021.

Oddly enough, Brunson was not named an All-Star this season despite all of the success he has had. This postseason, Brunson has a chance to establish himself as one of the elite guards in the NBA. Based on how the Mavericks have looked this season without Brunson, his decision to leave for New York looks better and better after every Mavericks loss.

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